Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Me In A Nutshell

I feel that before I continue writing about different subjects I should take you all back about 7 years and let you get to know me a better.

Lets start at 18. Before then my life was just the life of a typical teenage girl: I was a brat, a pain, and I put my parents through hell. Sorry mom and dad! That is exactly why I am praying I never have a little girl. I can't even imagine a mini-me. Scary. Anyway, I moved out of my parents house 2 weeks after I turned 18 and that's when my life really got crazy.

Not long into my first year out of my parents house I got into a very unhealthy relationship and he ended up moving into my apartment with me. A lot of girls talk about how stupid other girls are for staying in an abusive relationship but until you are in the position, you have no idea how hard it can be to get out of it. 2 years later I finally decided enough was enough and I got out. I learned a lot from that relationship but the most important thing that I gained from it was Alex, who at the time was my boyfriends best friend.

Alex was in the Army and graduated boot camp the day that him and I met. As much as I would love to say it was love at first sight, it wasn't, at least not on my end. He quickly became my best friend. Later on, one thing led to another and we ended up getting together. Let me just add that I was living in Washington at the time and he was stationed in Ft. Campbell, Kentucky. So our relationship started out long distance, which as all of you know, is not easy.

Not long after Alex and I got together I started considering joining the Army. My job was taking me nowhere, I was partying way too much, and I was spending way more money that I was making. I wanted to do something meaningful with my life and I had tons of respect for people in the military. I wanted to show my support in the best way I could think of. So I went into the recruiting office and signed the papers to be a combat medic (68W). By this time Alex had deployed and we were enduring our first year long deployment together as a couple. Due to medical issues, it took me about a year of doctor visits before I could leave. A couple months before I left for boot camp Alex came home from his first tour to Iraq. Sad to say but he came back different. Within the first month of being home he made some bad choices, one of which included cheating on me. We broke up and it was heartbreaking for me but with leaving for the Army, I figured it was probably for the best. But it still hurt like hell.

Boot camp was awesome. Challenging, hard, scary, and rough, but I grew from it and ended up really enjoying it. 9 weeks later, I graduated and headed off to San Antonio, Texas  for my AIT (training school). I'm gonna jump though this one quickly, not really something I enjoy talking about. AIT is where I met Robby. Keep in mind I got to Texas in the middle of May. By time July rolled around we were in love...or so I thought. I know all of you can see where this is going. May we met, July we got engaged, and September we got married. Yes, I was one of those girls. You know who I am talking about, the one that everyone talks bad about and makes fun of. Who can blame them though? The military makes it very hard to just be boyfriend and girlfriend, ESPECIALLY if both parties in active duty. Well I moved in with Robby in November, moved out in December, and filed for divorce a little while later. Needless to say we were one of the many military couples that didn't work out. No surprise there. We didn't know each other at all. How well can you really get to know someone in just 4 months? You can't and you can argue me all you want but I know what I am talking about.

So now I am divorced, living in Southern California, and trying to start a new life for myself. (Let me answer a couple quick questions you might be having: I moved to North Carolina to live with Robby and moved back to Washington when I left him. I ended up in California because a girl I met in boot camp convinced me to move down there to help me start a new life.) I'm having fun, working, playing, enjoying the sun, and dating. Life doesn't get much better than that right? Wrong. Something for me was missing, it was Alex. By this time it was 2009, and we had been dating off and on for the last 5 years. And yet again all I wanted was to be with him.

Now I can sum up the last year and a half pretty quickly. Alex and I got back together, I moved back to Washington, spent a majority of 2010 with Alex (in Kentucky and in Washington), got engaged, got married, now he is on his 3rd deployment, and I am patiently awaiting his return. He is the love of my life and I couldn't ask for a better husband.

With all that said, when I talk about the military, deployments, rushing into marriage, and relationships, I know what I am talking about. I have been through it all. The only thing I will not claim to know anything about is having a child. I haven't experienced that joy quite yet. So I hope you enjoyed my life story and please don't hesitate to ask any questions or ask for any advice. I have a lot of experience under my belt.

I'll leave you with this...I know times can be hard, life throws us a lot of curves, and sometimes you might just want to give up. But you WILL survive, I promise. Never give up.

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