Thursday, January 20, 2011

Project Smile: Day 2

#1: Who wouldn't smile waking up to this adorable little face?? I have 2 of the best dogs ever, they might not always be the best behaved but I love them so much. This picture is of my pitbull Karma (aka Karmie, Charmie, Karmalaid, or Mammas). My family rescued her a few years ago & she has been living with us ever since. She is by far the sweetest, most loving dog in the world. Not violent at all, for all of those who think ALL pitbulls are terrible dogs. She had a lot of energy though and she will lick your face off. I also have a siberian husky named Diesel that my hubby bought me 6 years ago. He's the love of my life and absolutely gorgeous. If you couldn't tell I am a HUGE dog lover. One of my favorite things ever is waking up in the morning when Karma is sleeping with me, I love that she has to be cuddled up right next to me and usually she has her head lying on my pillow as well. So today when I was lying in my bed and I looked over and saw this little face sticking out of the blanket, it definitely made me smile :)

#2: I LOVE putting together care packages. Something about knowing I am helping bring a little color into such a dark place makes me feel really good. I love going to the grocery store and picking out goodies and toys that I think Alex will like, it is a very rewarding feeling. He loves getting boxes and although I really wouldn't want to be in Afghanistan, part of me would love to be there just to see the smile on his face when we gets a package. Today I am putting together a box that I will be sending off tomorrow. Here are a few of things I am going to include in the box: the CD of pictures I just had taken for him for Valentine's Day, a copy of our marriage certificate, brownies, dip, cigarettes, candy, and a set of earphones he asked me to send. I am sure I will add more stuff but for now that is it. I can't wait for him to get the pictures :) I KNOW he is going to love them!! Part of my favorite thing about putting together packages is baking goodies and hand making some of the items out in it. I also love the look on the cashiers face when I go into a liquor store and ask for a log of dip and a carton of cigarettes. They look at me like I am crazy. So bottom line, doing something that I know makes my man happy, ultimately makes me happy also.

#3: ZUMBA!! I can not even begin to explain to you how happy Zumba makes me. I do not like going to the gym and lifting weights or running on the treadmill, it bores me. But Zumba is amazing and so much fun. It's a mixture between salsa, belly dancing, and hip hop. I feel better about myself after class and I am actually sleeping better at night. Not to mention I sweat my butt off at every class so I know for sure I am losing weight. I highly suggest everyone looks for a local Zumba class in your area. I promise that you will enjoy it.

Looks like I am 2 for 2 :) Today has been pretty good. I took the day off of life and did nothing all day. I stayed home, in my pajamas, and just did stuff around the house. It felt amazing. I got stuff put together for Alex's care package, played with my dogs, and got some important stuff mailed out. I don't work so it's not like my life is stressful by any means, but sometimes I feel like I am running errands everyday and there is always something I have to get done. So today it was nice to just do nothing. Everyone deserves a day like that. I am happy to say that Project Smile: Day 2 was also a success :) Wooohooo....that just made me smile!!


  1. I have a pit bull also and I agree, they can be wonderful dogs! Mine sleeps with his head on my pillow too. I joke with my fiance that my dog is a better cuddler than him! haha.

    I also agree that Zumba is fun! I have the game for Wii.

  2. Haha I do the same thing with my husband! My pit cuddles sooo much better than Alex does. I can move her however I want her also so it makes it easy to cuddle with her :)

    I am so jealous you have Zumba for the Wii!! I want it so bad!! I am already doing Zumba 4-5 days a week but I would love to be able to do it at home too. Have you ever played Just Dance for the Wii? I highly recommend it!

  3. I just got Just Dance 2 for Christmas. I love it! I have to admit that I do play Just Dance more than I do Zumba, but it's still a workout, I think. lol

    I agree, the dogs are much easier to cuddle with because they can be moved around however you want so you're comfortable.