Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Project Smile: Day 1

#1: I have the most AMAZING friends in the world, I don't know how I became so blessed. There are about 7 girls that I am really close with & I can't imagine my life without them. Even though there are a couple of them who live far away from me, my life is still constantly changing for the better just by having them in my life. Growing up I was a major tomboy so I was into playing outside, video games, and sports. Even though I eventually grew out of wearing boys clothes, my personality never changed. I would much rather shoot a gun than get my nails done. So needless to say, I have always had more guy friends than girls. I never knew what I was missing out on though. Having best girlfriends is so wonderful. I am constantly amazed by my girls: their strength, love, and compassion keeps me believing that there are still good people left in this world. And I am lucky enough to have 7 GREAT girls in my life. These are girls I know I will be friends with for the rest of my life and knowing that makes me smile :) Thank you God for blessing me with each one of them.

#2: My hubby is silly. No matter what kind of mood I am in, he has this amazing way of making me smile, even if he doesn't mean to. Recently I had some "sexy" pictures taken for him (google "boudoir photography", it is so much fun and your man will love it) for a Valentine's Day present. Well I am HORRIBLE at keeping secrets from him and I am even worse about hiding surprises. So I sent him one picture as a little sneak peak. In this picture I am wearing his uniform top with nothing under it and I have his dogtags in my mouth in a seductive sort of way. In my opinion, it's a pretty sexy picture. Well, this morning I am woken up at the crack of dawn to Alex writing me on yahoo messenger. He tells me that he got my email and downloaded the picture I sent him. I am expecting him to tell me he loves or it that it's know, something along those lines. I was wrong. The first thing he says to me is "Are you eating an Oreo?" Hahaha. I tell him "An Oreo? Really babe? No, those are your dogtags. There is nothing sexy about eating an Oreo." His response is, "Babe, if you are naked you could be eating a pile of corn and it would be sexy." LOL. I was dying laughing. I sure love him.

#3: I live in Washington and let me just tell you that I love this state more than anywhere I have ever lived, which has been a lot of states. Washington and Oregon are a color of green that you will never see anywhere else in the US, it is just simply BEAUTIFUL. But with that gorgeous green comes the reason it is so bright and vibrant, rain. It rains here a lot and a lot is probably an understatement. Once you live here long enough you get used to it though. During the fall/winter is when it rains the most around here and a full day of sunshine is a rare occasion but today it was sunny ALL DAY. It was so beautiful, a little chilly, but still gorgeous: big fluffy clouds, brights colors, and a nice big sun. Being able to see the sun all day definitely made me smile and it also made me appreciate the little things in life.

So for the most part, today was a pretty great day. I woke up to my hubby messaging me, the sun was shining, and I got to hang out with some of my very favorite people in the world. Project Smile Day 1 was a success :) I'll be completely honest though, as I am laying in bed right now (2:13am), some things are getting to me. It has nothing to do with Alex being gone though. They are fixable problems and I fully intend on getting it all figured out. The number of things I have to be grateful for far out number the things that are bothering me. So all in all, I still believe that my project was successful today.

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